Frequently Asked Questions

How can my company benefit from USARACE?

USARACE provides components free of charge* to qualifying companies and institutions.

How do I qualify to receive products?

By meeting our guidelines: primarily being under a current Research and Development contract with either DoD or NASA. Please see our application form.

How long may I use the products?

You may use the products for the duration of your contract. At the end of the contract period, all material must be returned to USARACE.

How are the components acquired by USARACE?

Products are acquired in several different ways. Some are donated by suppliers and manufacturers. Many of our parts were "end of project" excess. Some components are factory "overruns" Other components are cutting edge new products being introduced to the R & D community for the first time.

How is USARACE funded?

U.S. Aeronautical Research and Component Exchange accepts monetary donations and grants by both public and private companies.

May I use these components for production?

No. It is agreed between the recipient (i.e. research institute) and USARACE that the components granted will only be used to develop prototypes. The various components may not be used in marketable units, nor may the components be sold, transfered, or destroyed. All unused product must be returned to USARACE.

How do I obtain login information to search through the USARACE database?

Upon approval as a beneficiary, your institution will be sent a username and password to access the database.

How may I contribute to USARACE?

USARACE is currently accepting excess components to expand its inventory. All donations qualify for a tax deduction as USARACE is a federally tax exempt 501(c)3. To donate to this cause, please contact the Acquisitions Department at