About Us

USARACE reutilizes component parts, both from private enterprises and the U.S. Government. We support companies conducting R&D for the Department of Defense and NASA. Through the stewardship of reutilization, our goal is to aid in building a stronger and more secure America. We are a nonprofit 501(3) C corporation and 50% of our workforce are veterans who have served in a variety of branches in the U.S. military. 

Advisory Board


Our Mission

The purpose of the U.S. Aeronautical Research and Component Exchange is to provide aerospace components and equipment to qualifying aeronautical Research and Development Institutions. The foundation benefits both Public and Private organizations involved with United States Department of Defense and NASA related advancements.

Our Philosophy

The United States of America, for more than two centuries, has been entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the freedom of democracy around the world. Essential to assuring this liberty is the ability of the U.S. to protect against enemies, both foreign and domestic. This is accomplished through many venues, one of which is a strong national defense. One of the elements of a strong defense is to ensure that leading technology and innovation continues to occur in both the offensive and defensive sectors. Research and Development costs are high. USARACE, through the cooperation of both the Aerospace and Defense Industry and DoD/NASA will continue to help drive down these costs by supplying qualifying R & D organizations with greatly needed components and supplies at little or no charge for the various products.

Photograph courtesy NASA